Government Shutdown 2019 Provides Reason to Learn to Earn Income Online

Published by Mike J Anthony — 1-19-2019 at 1:43 PM UTC

This current government shutdown of 2019 is the longest in history and has left millions of people without pay and also without options.  Happy New Year, eh?  It’s not just the 800,000 federal workers that news outlets have pointed out, but tens of thousands of federal contractors both in the US and abroad as well. 

This brings the total to closer to 2 million people and even more indirectly, worldwide.

I am not going to repeat what is all over the news already, but I am going to mention how a government shutdown like this is exactly why people need to explore other options to earn income online.

Its generally believed that, as a federal employee, jobs are “safe”.  That is usually true, until they are not.  As you can see, government shutdowns like this makes paychecks vanish, even if you were a “safe” government worker.  Therefore, no job is safe, even the ones you thought were supposed to be.

This does not even take into account retirement planning and so forth.  Those who have retired from federal service after 50 years still have trouble making ends meet.  This government shutdown just exasperates an already recurring problem that is normally at some future date, now suddenly thrust into the present, if even temporarily.

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