How to Earn Passive Income With Your Own Roku TV Channel

Published by Mike J Anthony — 11-26-2018 at 9:07 PM UTC


This is really cool and totally new for haven't seen this before so its one of those things you just gotta see!

What if I told you that you can set up your own TV channel on Roku, a streaming service that has 26 MILLION users and growing?

Well now you can and no one is doing this because its truly totally new!



People are just starting to do this now because a huge promotion went out for this product a few days ago.

I've been seeing it in my inbox but I've been deleting them because the list owners made a huge mistake!

They never told me it had something to do with Roku, which I know very well since I've been using it for years!

As soon as I finally saw that this had something to do with Roku, I was now interested in learning more and I am blown away.

Now I need to tell you about this too...

People are now able to set up their own TV Channel on Roku and make money from Roku Ads.  This is PASSIVE INCOME.


You can also use it to gain huge exposure to your own content. With 26 Million users, you will be shocked how this can change the game!



You DO NOT have to upload videos to a website, like you do with YouTube. 


You'll host videos yourself from your own server or video streaming platform like Amazon S3, Vimeo Pro, or some other option of your choosing.  

You DO NOT need to buy traffic from Facebook, Google, or Bing, or remain a slave to their ever-changing rules anymore.

All you have to do is get a channel up and running and you could see 10,000 visitors in 1 month just for showing up!

I LOVE products that get away from the old traditional internet marketing model.

There is no need for websites, SEO, keywords, buying traffic, and all that other crap that's kept most of us from being successful!

That's what makes this so crazy powerful!

Check it out here:



Mike J Anthony


P.S. Getting this kind of exposure to your stuff, through your own TV channel, without any additional costs outside what you'll spend for your video streaming platform is definitely something you should learn more about here:


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