Owning 0.28 Bitcoin Can Put You In the Worlds Wealthiest Top 1 Pct

Published by Mike J Anthony — 10-4-2018 at 5:47 PM UTC

I just read a pretty interesting article about Bitcoin and I think it sums up the way most people are thinking, or NOT thinking about it, more accurately.

Then someone made a video about that very article ==> click here to watch video

FACT: There are only 21 Million Bitcoin ever created and 4 Million of those are already lost forever.  

This is why people like John McAfee, and many prominent others, believe that Bitcoin's US dollar valuation could reach $500,000 or even $1,000,000 and do it easily. Yes, 1 Million dollars!

Why? Because of simple supply and demand.  There are simply too many people in the world to own 1 whole Bitcoin.  So, that means that hundreds of millions of people worldwide could be fighting over ownership of the remaining 17 million bitcoins currently available.

Unless, of course, you already own some.  According to the article referenced in the video above, all you need is .28 BTC (Bitcoin) which would be enough to put you in the top 1% of the world's wealthiest at some not so distant future date.

That is not a lot of money, and with Bitcoin's current price of USD$6,576 as of this writing, that means that an investment of a mere $1,841 would do the trick.

Remember those old investment charts showing how $2,000 deposited in a 401K at 25 years old could grow to over $2 Million over the next 40 years?

How about taking less than $2,000 and watching it grow to make you one of the world's wealthiest top 1% in just a few years - by "a few", I mean in 5 - 10 years?  I like this scenario much better! Don't you?

Most people are not currently thinking of Bitcoin in this way, however.  But they should, because that's exactly how this situation is about to play out.  

Their ignorance is your opportunity. When the rest of the world wakes up to this fact, you will see the price of Bitcoin reach currently unimaginable heights in price.

Where are you going to be when you "could have" owned some Bitcoin?  Is that what you're going to tell your grand-children some day?

Now that you have been educated...Don't you want to get your hands on some Bitcoin right now? That's probably a very, very good decision and it doesn't take a lot of money either...if you buy it now.

Don't wait until Bitcoin is over $50,000 before you start buying it! Start doing it NOW...You can buy Bitcoin in fractions.  You can start with $100.

You can open a Bitcoin account right now, get your bank account verified, and start buying Bitcoin as soon as possible.

But if you use the link below, you will receive an extra $10 in Bitcoin when you deposit $100 at: 



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