Zen Arbitrage Is Better Than Tactical Arbitrage

Published by Mike J Anthony — 8-31-2018 at 10:49 PM UTC

When it comes to online book arbitrage, I believe that Zen Arbitrage is better suited than Tactical Arbitrage, and the "go to" source for this method of making money online.

What Is Online Book Arbitrage?

Online book arbitrage is simply the process of buying books at a low price online and selling them at a higher price online. This can be done on different websites, such as Walmart to Amazon, or the same online website, such as Amazon to Amazon.

Zen Arbitrage is a program that teaches this method and provides software to quickly be able to find deals where you can sell used books online quickly and easily.  It focuses on the Amazon book buyback program.

There is another product pretty good product in the marketplace, called Tactical Arbitrage, that I would like to compare the merits of to Zen Arbitrage.

Tactical Arbitrage is a software that sources from 800 websites but it has a feature called “Library” where you can scan through websites in search of books. Its entire suite costs $147/mo.  If you use this Tactical Arbitrage feature on its own, it will cost $67/month. It does a broad level search looking for book price deals.TA was not developed for books. This “feature” was added later as an add-on to its main software suite.

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