Facebook Messenger Chatbot Does the Selling For You

Published by Mike J Anthony — 7-28-2018 at 2:48 PM UTC

I just came across a virtually unknown, little-used way to use Facebook messenger chatbot to increase sales, responses, or engagement on pretty much ANYTHING you want.

==> http://mikejanthony.com/facebook-messenger-chatbot-does-the-selling-for-you/

…And the answer is right there under your nose if you use Facebook at all.

I’ve known about this method for a little while now but that’s because I am usually always looking for how marketers are doing things, and I have contact with others that look into revolutionary things like this all the time.

But so far, I only know of a few people, that are putting this into action properly…and getting results. Chances are, you don’t know anyone doing this...or doing it correctly!

You see, even though I may have known about this for not too long now, and many others do not, I figured it was too complicated to use, and so I did not want anything to do with it.

However, if you know a simple way to work it, and I just found one, then it will virtually do all the selling for you, and easily too...

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