2 Noobs Went From $0 to $59,000 Per Month Selling A Spice Grinder

Published by Mike J Anthony — 7-14-2018 at 1:41 AM UTC

Above: 2 Noobs Who Use Facebook to Make $59K PER MONTH!

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You know they think we're fools, right?

...Especially Facebook!

They make a KILLING off people who post content to their website everyday.

They make even more of a KILLING off people spending money on their Facebook Ads platform but who don't really know what they are doing.

All these Facebook Ads courses out there by self-proclaimed "experts" and they still get it wrong!

I would know too...I've paid thousands of dollars to be taught winning Facebook methods by these so-called "Facebook gurus" only to find out that what they told me doesn't work!

Even if it worked a little bit, its not the correct info they should have taught and you will experience more losses than not when you try their methods.

Or, even worse, Facebook shuts down your account!

So they cover their azz by telling you that you will lose money at first until you "get it".

Hogwash!  You shouldn't have to lose money if you start out with the right information to begin with.

In the last few years, this online stuff has really changed but a lot of stuff has stayed almost exactly the same.

Do you find yourself begging for minimum wage jobs, just to try and keep up with all the costs of living?  

Guess what? That's NOT going to change and I know exactly how that feels, Believe me!

So if there was a way to keep you from doing that, wouldn't you do it so that you NEVER have to be going down that path again?

What if I told you that I have come across real, truthful Facebook Ad tactics that are taught by a real Facebook employee?

Not just any employee but a Facebook National Ad Account Rep?

Yup! That's exactly what stumbled on here and, after going through this course, I realized I was doubly lied to again and again by people who only think they know what they are talking about.

They NEVER told me what is revealed in this course, and it actually made me mad just how bad I've been lied to and led astray, costing me tens of thousands of dollars.


I want to show you the Facebook "Insider" information that 2 total NOOBS to the internet used to bank over $59K per month!

These 2 complete newbies to the internet (pictured above), after lots of trial and error and losing money, finally got the right information from a FB ad account rep that changed their business forever and then developed a course around that information.

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Mike J Anthony

P.S. This is the REAL DEAL! No crazy sales tactics necessary!  You either want to know how to truly CRUSH Facebook Ads, or you don't.  Its that simple! 

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