WaterThe Elixir Of Life: The Benefits Of Water.

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 7-11-2018 at 10:03 AM UTC

Wateris the elixir of life. It is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of waterper day as it is the key to longer, healthier more vigorouslifestyle. 60% of the body consist of water and it is the maincomponent of the human body. Tissues and organs are also mainly madeup of water with the following percentages: 

Muscle:75% water

Brain: 90% water

Bone:22% water

Blood:83% water

Thefollowing are a few keybenefits of water: 

Waterflushes down the by-products of fat metabolism in addition to actingas an effective appetite suppressant to reduce hunger. Besides, ithas zero calories and is a perfect substitute for sodas and fruitjuices as a thirst quencher.

Waterhelps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes and increases skinelastivity. When skin is properly hydrated, a younger look will beproduced.

Wateris used by the body to help flush out toxins and waste products fromthe body. If the body lacks water, the heart will need to work harderto transport oxygenated blood to all cells. This will causeexhaustion. In addition, the brain is made mostly of water and withenough water, alertness and the ability to concentrate is improved.

Drinkingwater raises metabolism as it helps in the digestion process. Inaddition, water with the help of fibers improves bowel movements.

Wateralso helps in improving immunity in fighting against common diseasessuch as flu and other ailments such as kidney stones and heartattack. 

Severalstudies show that drinking a healthy amount of water may reduce therisks of bladder cancer and colon cancer. The theory behind this isthat water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in theurine and shortens the time in which they are in contact with thebladder/colon lining.

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