The gulf between the LEFT and RIGHT of the CASHFLOW QUADRANT is as wide as your understanding....

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 2-18-2020 at 10:51 AM UTC

Self Employed Online Marketer....

“Oh but Mikael I am making money work for me....

I bought a second hand car for £20 000 cash using the income I made last year selling Vitamin pills to friends and family!

Smart move in my book as I’ve no car loan and now have the liability paid for”

Business Owner....

”That’s fantastic congratulations “
Now consider what that “cash” could have done for you (over the period you are operating that liability - 3 years?)

Could ensuring that same money went to WORK for you have funded....
- the capital of the car
- the insurance
- the fuel
- the maintenance
.... a NEW car every 3 years!

....Could that same money working for you have funded MORE than than the fixed liability you have sunk ONE YEAR of energy into such as....

- leveraging the position into MORE assets?
- expanding your business with zero extra capital from your cashflow
- using this to enhance your life (putting less burden on you to HAVE to sell more vitamins for commissions)
- opening up perpetual financial choice
- leveraging into Assets that protect your purchasing power
- creating a balance sheet that IS your companies value, as opposed to continually chasing income every week”
Etc etc


I find it truly baffling how many good, hard working folks turn to online/ network/ affiliate sales and marketing models (driven by a realisation that the J.O.B is not enough or a visceral fear of getting old on a state pension)....

Yet they insist on swapping one full time job for another!

Clearly most are led by the nose by excitable friends and family or some “guru” intent on deploying ALL their energy (and a not inconsiderable amount of start up capital), to join the latest incredible company - pills, CBD, vitamins, make up, shakes.... and that’s fine, but seriously why jump from the frying pan into the fire? Blind leading the blind....

A little financial education can change everything.... not only to appreciate what it is to OWN a business system and NOT work continually on the LEFT all your life.

But also the realisation of creating a business that ensures money (assets) work for you - for LIFE!

Be smart folks... yes create income opportunity but don’t just become a “sales rep” for someone else’s business....

ALSO own the Exit Plan.... YOUR EXIT PLAN!

➡️ To do that learn HOW to move right and stop chasing income, giving away YOUR energy to others.... or your latest car! 🚗

Create Asset position that works for YOU and pays for life.... so you don’t have to!

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See you on the inside! ;-)

To your MASSIVE success in 2020!!

~ Mikael

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