Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 2-17-2020 at 6:44 PM UTC

It’s ok Mikael... I’m going to wait....

- I’m going to wait until something turns up
- I’ll wait for my pay rise
- I’m waiting for that promotion
- I’m waiting for my 65th birthday 🎂
- I’m going to wait for more information
- I’m going to wait until the KBC coin shows a higher price
- I’m going to wait until Gold is cheaper to buy
- I’m going to wait until the Karatbars project is more stable
- I’m going to wait until the technology is more established
- I’m going to wait for the Calendar and Wallet Apps to be completed on K1 (hint; it’s open source - don’t wait, BE the blockchain app developer!)
- I’m going to wait until more users are on Karatbit
- I’m going to wait until the system is easier to understand
- I’m going to wait until the GSB bank is established....
- I’m going to wait until K Merchant is easier to use (hint; Crypto exchanges are happening in your city with or without you. Go be the initiator!)
- I’m going to wait for the governments and regulations to tell me blockchain is ok
- I’m going to wait for my brother in law... he’s an expert you know... to tell me it’s ok 🤪

Ok no problem.... we will need plenty of CUSTOMERS when all this is done.... see you soon....

The rest of us have sky scraper to build 🙌😊

The time will NEVER be right if your mind is buried in fear, procrastination, excuses, others opinions, blame and easy money....

The time in fact is AWLAYS right.... when it comes to finances in this short but thrilling life, the best decisions were made 20 years ago, the second best ones are made TODAY!

Reach out, ask questions, challenge the team for sure.... in the end though the only decision you will ultimately make is are you WAITING or BUILDING?

Want financial CHOICE... move RIGHT and get positioned in business AND assets.... want financial FREEDOM.... leverage YOUR business and assets for LIFE (better GENERATIONS).

Or don’t....see you from the top either way 😊🏔 🙏

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