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Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 11-26-2019 at 1:30 PM UTC

Are YOU getting educated on this?

“When I was stationed in Florida for my flight training one of the first things they taught us was not about flying, it was how to survive in a hurricane.

This is what they told my flight class about hurricanes:

First, they aggressively take over the skies, the land and cause total chaos!

Then, you enter the eye of the storm and you get to relax and start believing that the biggest part has come and that its really no big deal

Then BAM! The last phase comes and disrupts everything! EVERYTHING!

That is exactly what is happening in the world of money today.

Crypto coins came, powered by Bitcoin. They caused a huge fuss and blew up the financial world. Everyone had to get in! Store clerks were suddenly rich and quitting their jobs! Parents quit their jobs. Doctors, police officers, everyone who got bought crypto looked like a genius.

… until they didn’t. Until the eye of the storm came and calmed everything down.

Bitcoin went from $20k a coin to $4k. Parents, police, doctors, everyone started begging for their jobs back. They sold their crypto coins and put their heads between their legs leaving the spoils, the fertile ground, the true riches for the professional investors.

I don’t know much about cryptocurrencies (yet) but I do know the behaviors of professional investors.

The same, professional investors, who did NOT invest before, now slyly and quietly were sneaking in and buying up the cryptocurrencies.

Why? Because they knew the last phase of the storm was still coming. The phase that would permanently disrupt the entire financial world.

And it looks like they were right.

Jeff Wang, the man I turn to when I want to understand the cryptocurrency markets explained it to me like this:

While the storm was calming down, the biggest players in the world were recreating the biggest crypto market ever!

Russia’s central bank started working on plans for a gold-backed cryptocurrency to prop their country up and tear down the US dollar.

A recent report by the Financial Times has revealed that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund(IMF) have collaborated to launch a private blockchain network.

The World Bank has brought crypto technology to the bond market by launching the first global blockchain-based bond. The bond market is the biggest market in the world!

Want more proof the professional investors are now starting to sneak their way in? Fidelity Investments is launching crypto coin trading for institutional clients any day now.

So where were you when the storm hit?

Where are you now?

Ducking and hiding or getting educated and preparing to profit?

It’s never okay to accept inaction as a plan.

But you also must be very careful who you learn from.

That’s why I use Jeff Wang.

Jeff and his team work directly with blockchain CEOs, thought leaders, and policy makers of major countries and major banks.

He lives on the front lines of the currency storm.

And when it comes to the crypto-storm…

The potential profits are HUGE!

To making life better”

Robert Kiyosaki

Top Tip; don’t confuse Bitcoin with Blockchain/ Crypto - take a look at the WHOLE Blockchain landscape

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