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Now they have too many people calling in reservations & need to hire extra help.

How Though?

Jay Abraham (a current marketing legend) used to tell a story of a restaurant he goes to.

A small town restaurant with some of the best food he’d ever tasted.

We’re talking where Gordon Ramsey eats.

The chef at this small hotel restaurant could turn a can of Chef Boyardee into pure excellence. An utter delight to the tastebuds.

No joke, this stuff would make Jay’s mouth water before he hit the entrance.

So he’d walk on in, share a conversation with the waiter, plump on up, and compliment the chef, as was routine.

Everything about the restaurant was rock solid except for one thing...

It was always empty.

Why in the world was a restaurant like this so unknown, underutilized and unappreciated?

You guessed it. They lacked good marketing.

After a meal one night, Jay was feeling generous.

He figured, he would help the restaurant out, Market for them and in return receive free meals for himself and guests for life.

The restaurant agreed.

So he ran some targeted mail ads with some great offers to some of the wealthier neighborhoods in the area.

Within a month the restaurant saw more business than they had in the past 5 years combined.

The chef had to hire more help just to keep up.

Moral of the story?

A world class product or service simply isn’t enough to win in the marketplace.

How many small business owners do you know that have a great product or service but somehow struggle to keep the lights on each month?

World Class Marketing means getting that product or service in front of the right people.


People need to know about it.

And they can't just know about it. You've gotta entice them.

Like in the Godfather. "Make em' an offa they can't refuse."

Marketing can be a bit tricky because the possibilities are endless and once the wheels get turning…

Things can quickly become overwhelming, essentially holding you back from taking action.

Mind if I step in and help you? I'll teach you how to become a World Class Marketer in a relatively short period of time.

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Stay tuned for more :-)

~ Mikael

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