People are having life opportunity and even a basic way of life taken away from them every day.... the biggest tragedy, the majority are completely unaware of the effect this excessive currency printing is having on their lives....

Most only know to turn to exchanging more time for money.... longer hours, overtime, two jobs, “make money online”, that network marketing company etc. It’s not more money you need it’s to know how to protect your you’re purchasing power as these fiscal experiments play out...

Others turn to hopes that govt policy will step in.... “living wage”, reduced working hours - in the misguided belief they’re hourly rate increases, and more benefits.... how do they think this is paid for? Raise taxes on the “rich” they say... have you any idea how endemic the concept of corporate taxation is? Their only answer.... borrow more money. It’s incredulous of Governments to pay for today’s issues with our children’s labour. The governments are either oblivious or malicious.

➡️ So what can YOU do right now to avoid a financial death by a thousand cuts.... well quite a lot actually, but it won’t happen if you remain 100% reliant on a boss, bank or govt.... and you certain I won’t hear about the solutions available on the mass media (heck they don’t even talk about the problem in the first place).

📚 Financial education is the only way out.... it’s what we have done in GTA. Now we help 000’s avoid this inevitable slide into another 10 years of “austerity”.

Are you ready?

👉 ✅ Start here my friend <==

~ Mikael

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