It’s now a reality...

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 9-18-2019 at 7:51 AM UTC

It’s been muted in global economics for years. The world has tried multiple “emergency” fiscal measures to keep the full floating fiat system alive since it arrested back in 2008, QE5 is about to start in Europe.... they are now out of options to keep you and I spending.

There only options now... to make printed, worthless fiat currency so cheap it encourages more borrowing by consumers which in turn they hope will keep property, stock etc inflated and hence the charade alive for another few years.

It’s simply unsustainable and it’s coming to YOUR country....let’s take a look at Australia TODAY as an example....


‪The Coalition Party Room has voted this morning to ENDORSE the Cash Transaction Ban Bill.‬


‪With Labor in BED with the IMF, the GLOBALISTS appear to have WON!‬

So for everyday Aussies it means that Australia's banking system and the Government will have the ability to introduce negative Interest Rates... yes that's correct you will be paying to have your money in the bank.. 😱

So you have worked hard for your money (Often more than 40 hours a week, Maybe 2 jobs ) and you are now being limited on how much you can withdraw ..

Meaning you are unable to withdraw more than 10k in cash from a bank with the view to reduce the 10k limit to 2k or lower. 😡

😳 Desperate governments and banks do desperate things... they always have, never be 100% reliant on bosses, banks or govts for YOUR financial security.

➡️ Your ONLY defence against another 10-20 years of “austerity” and missed life opportunity is to TAKE CONTROL and own the financial education that is freely out there to take action and position to hold your “money” outside the fiat system as this fiat experiment plays out.

This is what we do!

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~ Mikael

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