Take yourself back to 2008.... do you remember wishing you’d seen what was coming?

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 9-15-2019 at 2:40 PM UTC

What would your life look like today if you had taken the time to financially educate yourself on WHY the crash happened and WHERE to be positioned to best protect yourself?

🤔 Well here’s your second chance!

49 countries about to see their Bond Markets collapse due to inverted yield curves (long term interest rates falling below short term interest rates - which are about to hit rock bottom themselves!)

Guess where most of our pensions, 401Ks and Annuities are? Bonds!

If you don’t want to be left holding the bag... or at the very least see a more financially insecure future than could have been, then DO something to get yourself out of 100% reliance on bosses, banks/ pensions or governments!

➡️ Moreover, Inflationary recession is on us - the fiat economy died in 2008.... it’s been a QE experiment ever since, that just made things a whole lot worse....

Ever wondered why the middle class are getting poorer, while the 5% have gotten richer - especially in this past 10 years? Simple, the rich have taken all the stock, bond and yield gains... while YOU have funded it via your energy turned into stocks, annuities, ETFs and insurance purchases (mainly via pensions!)

Now we see the same Elites moving into Gold... including the Central Banks! All wrapped up in a Wall Street push on paper gold/ silver derivatives!

The upshot here... the Fiat system has died and MUST reset. If you know anything about monetary history you’ll know this type of thing happens every 100 yrs or so.... and guess what the economy ALWAYS resets to?

Physical GOLD!

Where is a smart place to hold some of your wealth right now?

➡️ What is the most cost effective way to secure PHYSICAL GOLD in YOUR life? We think we have found a way.... get your FREE financial education here.

👉 ✅ Start here my friend <==

ASAP if you don’t want another 10 years plus of “austerity” in your life!

~ Mikael

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