Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 9-15-2019 at 6:36 AM UTC

Everybody Knows Babe Ruth was a Baseball legend.

Hall of Famer.

An Absolute Unit.

The Sultan of Swat.

The Great Bambino.

The King of Crash.

The Colossus of Clout.

I love The Sandlot; Still one of my favorite movies.

In his career hit a total of 714 Home Runs and held that record for 39 years.

But there was another record that Babe had that no one ever talks about,


Yeah the fella was a record holder for most strikeouts.

What’s that tell you?

He was a terrible baseball player?

A failure?

No. He’s widely regarded as the greatest baseball player of all time.

Hell, I don’t even care much for baseball but I find that pretty damn cool.

The G-O-A-T wasn’t afraid to fail.

With each strike-out he was closer to a home-run.

He would step up to the plate every chance he got.

He applied the Law of averages.

With every strike, He got closer to knockin one out the park and earning himself a place in history.

All great leaders understand and apply this same principle.

In the words of Joe Karbo,

“When you make a mistake, make it a whopper. Anyone can make a careless thoughtless mistake. All that shows is that you weren’t paying attention or weren't interested.

But a BIG mistake - one that you’ve put a lot of thought, heart and sweat into - a mistake that you’ve made after carefully weighing the alternatives and energetically implementing the conclusions. Now thats a mistake to be proud of.”

What if we're too busy being right or doing things we already know how to do?

I guess we’ll always get what we already have.

Wanna know the BIGGEST Mistake I see internet entrepreneurs make?

They don’t invest enough in themselves or their business.

They would rather Save Money than go through the Pain of Failure.

If Bill Gates approached you and said "Give me $10,000 dollars cash right now and I’ll write you a check for $100,000."

Would you do it? In a heartbeat. It’s guaranteed. If you knew you couldn't fail, you’d do it every time.

Life isn’t that way. It’s full of uncertainty, Yet we crave certainty.

Which is why it's more rational to be certain we won’t lose by not trying.

Sad, But people like this are unlikely to see any real success.

However, Are BIG mistakes necessary to succeed?

Well lemme ask you a question.

If your father made a BIG mitsake and shared with you what it was so you could avoid it? Would you go off and make that same mistake?

Probably. But probably not.

Why not just avoid his mistakes.

👉 ✅ Start here my friend <==

If you're not happy with the results of other people then you've gotta do it different.

Do it better.

You owe it to yourself!

~ Mikael

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