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Millions and millions of people every day go to work for their entire lives paying bills, raising a family and setting themselves up for when they retire.

- The money you have worked for your entire life is a reflection of your labor.

- How is that working so far for you?

- What does your retirement look like to you?

- Who's responsibility is it that you have a compfortable retirement? And what does a compfortable retirement look like for you?

- Most pensions barely cover the rising costs of living. Many people have to continue to work even after they retire.

- Many people don't even have a pension.

- A lot of people who were self employed never put away for retirement and have no pensions to look forward to. I know people who worked their entire lives for a big corporation and that corporation went under. Those people found themselves unemployed and pension less.

- How does a pension company make profits? They take your money, invest it, give you a fixed rate and keep the profits. They claim that this is the very best thing for you and you don't have to worry about any risks. They take all the risks. And this is very true. They do take all the risks. But at the end of the day, or should we say at the end of your days, who really benefits the most? You or them? They do. And by a huge margin.

- Why not just cut them out of the equation completely and keep all the profits for yourself. It's very simple to do. Open up a free gold savings account and start putting some gold away. You have just created your very own pension plan.

Let me explain why this is a very good plan. The best plan out there for everybody who wants to retire on their own terms.

- Gold is inflation proof and increases in value over time.

- Gold is safe. There is zero risk in saving in gold.

- By creating your own gold savings plan, you're cutting out the middle man and keeping 100% of the profits for yourself.

- No matter how much you put into gold. You still have all your money. It's just in the form of gold.

-It's easy to acquire.

-It's easy to store safely and securely, and it's easy to liquidate when the time comes.

- You can do this on top of what your currently doing.

- You can set your own pension up to what ever you decide will work for you. You don't need to go broke doing it. You can put in as little as $10.00 a month or as much as you think you can afford.

- Your 100% in control of it. You set it and forget it.

- If you can add more to it at a later time, you're able to. Or if you happen to find yourself in a position where your not able to add as much that month or week, put in less. It's your account. It's your money. It's your retirement. It's all in your hands. Your in charge of your own money and your own life.

- If in an emergency you ever need to withdraw on that account, you can, without penalty. Again, It's your money. Nobody elses.

- This is also a retirement plan you can leave to your children for generations to come.

- How many companies to you know that would consider putting their employees on such a plan? Not only would their employees have the best pension plan in the world but the company would profit from it as well. And that is a definite plus for any company. If the company went out of business, the pension plans still stays in place if the employee chooses to keep putting into it. And if they don't they still have all their gold that they did put into it no matter what. They can continue to save it or liquidate it at their own convenience.

- If you managed this right, your own retirement plan could make you very wealthy all on it's own. That's one amazing pension plan if you ask me.

- Your 100% in control of it. Not the Government. Not your employer. Not an insurance company. You. And you have the opportunity right here, right now to make a big difference not only in your life but many others as well, Including your children and grand children.

- No matter what your financial situation, you can create your own pension. And not just any kind of pension. The very best pension in the world. Hands down.

Now how is your retirment starting to look?

Get back to me if this is of any interest to you.

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