📚 A simple piece of financial education could have created so much more....

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 9-10-2019 at 5:54 AM UTC

On the day I was born my Grandfather put £1000 in an account. He wanted to give me a head start in older life...

On the day I turned 21 my Father put £1000 in an account. He wanted to help me get established as I stepped into the world...

If they had known how quickly these “gifts” would have fallen in their purchasing power and how much more the same value would be in Gold ie inflation proof wealth insurance, I wonder if they would have held this gift in Gold instead?

You see in 1974 £1000 would have secured just over 15ozs of gold bullion.... twenty one years later in 1995 the same £1000 would have secured just over 4ozs..... today £1000 gets you under one Oz.

Conversely that 15ozs today is worth over
£18 000, and that 4ozs just under £5000!

So their true legacy could have been over 
£23 000, not the £2000 which today barely buys 4 months of food in our house...!

📚 A simple piece of financial education could have created so much more....

If you know this about YOUR OWN financial future and your opportunity for LEGACY - why are you not accumulating Gold in your life?

Do what the rich do, not what they say...

Today I choose to put Ozs of Gold in my kids futures... slowly but surely securing their future.

£1200 per Oz.... building 1 gram at a time.... I wonder what their 15ozs will be worth to them come 2025, 2030 and so on... 👨‍👦‍👦

➡️ Get started with us TODAY... you’re future self will thank you for it....

👉  Start here my friend <==

~ Mikael

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