QUESTION; how does the Karatbars wealth eco system work in a nutshell...

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 8-27-2019 at 5:15 PM UTC

Hey Mikael here . . .

I get owning gold to protect my purchasing power, but why own digital assets too and how does me sharing this system with others help?

ANSWER; Great question, let’s break it down...

1) we save PHYSICAL gold every week/month using the auto save function. This is your wealth guarantee over time. It makes sure your future purchasing power is protected whatever the world economy looks like in the future #payyourselffirst

2) crucially we also accumulate digital assets (coins) to accelerate our nominal gold ownership at a future date. Understand this to create wealth much more efficiently than only working point 1. This “fluidity” of gold is key to the mass adoption of the project - you OWNING a stake in this now may well be life changing.

3) we accumulate digital assets to create more asset wealth (as the bank eco system evolves in the value it provides ordinary people ie phones) and the coin price rises. A 2c coin today... can only increase as its utility and gold backing is realised by the markets.

4) we use these gains to own more physical gold. We have several options to re state these coins into other assets ie gold Vaults to create assured annual income (passive income).

5) along the way we share the reason WHY OWNING physical gold is so important, for this effort we get paid. Crucially, the MORE people aware and using the eco system the more valuable our digital assets become... multiple streams of income develop. Make sure Assets are working for YOU! That TWO streams of income right there!

6) as you advance you begin to provide BUSINESSES with value...CEMs, KMerchant etc. With these products YOU attain more income as these tools are used inside the eco system by customers of the businesses you help. This is on top of the fact the more businesses using the KB eco system, the more customers (people are involved), the more valuable your digital assets (coins) become.

7) these payments are made to us on a MasterCard OR in Coins for us to then choose if we want to position in more assets (gold or coins) or spend the fiat to live life....

➡️ Repeat step 1... and YOUR business, your own private, 100% owned by YOU, personal Balance Sheet and P&L grows significantly faster than you thought possible if you simply stick to trading time for money in that job or chasing income in that online education or product program.

📚 Be smart... create Assets, create Income producing Assets and create value in other peoples lives designed to protect them from a life of chasing rapidly devaluing currency.

Never be 100% reliant on a boss, bank or govt... it’s utterly unnecessary in the age of the Internet of Money....especially now we can build communities on a global scale simply by sharing education and access to decentralised, peer to peer means of exchange.

👉  Start here my friend <==

~ Mikael

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