UK Central Bank Chief Sees Digital Currency Displacing US Dollar as Global Reserve!

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 8-24-2019 at 3:19 PM UTC

The wealth transfer continues as the irresistible forces of a bust fiat system (known to mankind as the US Dollar) and the arrival of decentralised, peer to peer, digital transaction networks (known as Blockchain) collide!

The chances of this shift happening any time soon under the governance of the existing establishment and certainly without substantial pain to the millions of people currently 100% dependent on fiat savings accounts, pensions etc, is slim....

Not to mention the establishment and the associated “Banks” seemingly positioning to maintain control of “digital currencies” and ensuring they remain “the rich minority. “SHC”... “”Libra” - please, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

Much better to have the people themselves give birth to new ways of people exchanging value - moreover have the associated wealth more equally distributed using the very same a decentralised network aka the Blockchain.

Who said the governments and associated banks need to “control” the way we operate means of exchange?

It’s why we are positioned in projects such as Karatbars....

1) it provides us access to PHYSICAL gold, hence we OWN the very asset likely to be used to base value ANY currency that comes into play #winwin

2) we OWN stakes in a system of transaction already able to be used by ordinary people to buy and sell “stuff”. We are ahead of the game...

 You see what is ahead of us here is possibly the greatest wealth transfer mankind has ever known... the question for you is, are you ahead of it or will you be hit by it?

The writing is on the wall, the clues to the mess the central banks and associated governments are in is hidden in plain sight, even the system to be used as the basis of the new global economy itself is accessible right now!

Understand this and you OWN the key to your OWN financial future!

Stay as you are and you are 100% at the whim of your boss, your bank / pension and the government.

Go make the change.... OWN the fundamental ASSET (gold) and OWN a stake in the digital technology about to take centre stage in global economics.

Chasing fiat everyday is futile... you also need to OWN the future!

Your call....

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