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Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 8-14-2019 at 11:50 AM UTC

Hey Mikael here . . .

200 years ago Rockafeller, Carnegie and Stanford funded the establishment of higher education and Universities partly to ensure an educated middle class of subservient employees to manage the growth of their companies on the back of the working class.

Fair enough of course if the distribution of wealth is balanced and fair... you will have to decide if history shows this. And of course mankind overall has benefited greatly from some of the greatest concentrations of minds in these establishments....

Fast forward to the 21st Century and something called Accelerating Acceleration is on us... where this Industrial Age manipulation of “people power” has clashed with a new age of Communication just at a time when the latest fiat epoch (the US$) is collapsing.

This fallacy of keeping these outdated education institutions alive, combined with cheap money (student loans) has bred the normalisation of debt into kids who will never see the jobs market they are trained for materialise into income they can thrive from. The result... lost generations and lost life opportunity.

One solution to this is a new breed of Education Entrepreneurs working hard on a new dynamic fully utilising the incredible technology of the Communications Age we now live in....

Educators that see clearly the power of Financial Education based on putting the individual back in control of their own financial destiny FIRST... then enabling them to go and help others.

➡️ For me Karatbars exemplifies one such project that helps create Education Entrepreneurs AND the provision of a vehicle that can turn financial education into practical realty for millions, all based on a Blockchain technology dedicated to decentralised, peer to peer exchange.

Something you will never learn in University - not even if your could borrow all the money in the world!

✅ Be the change, one individual at a time... get the financial education to make a difference in people’s lives.

Create your own economy here my friend <==

 Your freedom is just clicks away. Seriously!

See you on the inside! ;-)

To your MASSIVE success in 2019!!
~ Mikael

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