Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 11-3-2018 at 6:57 AM UTC

I want you to imagine a couple things for a moment..

Let me paint the picture for you first..

We are going to use Amway as the example.. Amway was founded in 1959

They had over $8.6 billion in sales in 2017 alone.. Over 3 million

Amway affiliates worldwide.

$58.6 Billion USD in bonuses and incentives

have been paid to their affiliates worldwide since 1959

Now why did I share those stats with you?


1. Many people at some time or another have joined Amway, or

purchased products or know someone who was a Amway affiliate..I mean

they have been around for almost 60 years..

2. There are literally affiliates in Amway who have over 500,000

people in their downlines, and everything in between..

Here is what I want you to imagine..

What if you had joined Amway in the very beginning, and never


Even if you built your business very slowly..

Where would you be today financially..?

How many tens or even hundreds of thousands of people might you have

in your downline now, because of duplication and time..??

Smart people have vision, they understand what is possible, when they

are part of a real company that has the vision for the future....

This is why we are part of Now LifeStyle, is because it is going to

grow into a billion dollar company, and we wanted to be part of the

growth from the very beginning and so can you..

Now LifeStyle is a little over a year old, but backed by a company

that has been in business 15+ years, and is the technology side that

drives Now LifeStyle..

Watch this/1 minute long

Technology makes building a business simpler and can be done at a

Ludicrous Speed..

We have automation tools, because of technology..And the company has

made it so dead simple to start building a massive business..

You actually do not need to know how to do much of anything to get


Watch this 8 minute video at least, and you

will understand..

What your going to see in this 8 minute video has never been done EVER in the

history of M_L_M!

..Tell now..

All of the traditional roadblocks have been eliminated..

Now LifeStyle is an incredible marketing and business system, that

provides you the ability with no prior experience to get real results

faster than ever before..

The minute you turn your system on, you can have the total help of

the company in building a rock solid business using automation,

Guaranteed paid sign ups, done for you Facebook leads and you done

for you lead capture system and autoresponder..

Absolutely Brilliant my friends!!

Optin and Join Now LifeStyle, do not wait, every second, every minute, every

day you put of joining, is time lost..

Are you one of the smart people..? This is one of those times, where

you are either going to say..

"I am!" or later on say "I wished I had!"

Could have, should have, I wished I had, is how your life stays the


We are going the distance baby, and bring home the bacon, we are

winners, and we will be one of the first millionaires in Now


What are you going to do?

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Too easy to quit when you have no skin in the game, get serious..And

Lock in your own commitment!

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And if you have already quit, before you even had begun, we feel

sorry for you, you just pissed away the biggest opportunity you will

ever find, no where else can you make this kind of money, for such a

little investment in yourself.

Together, we all win!


Mikael Gustavsson

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