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Hello there! In 19 years online, I have lost count of the number of online programs I have been in that never made it through the year. Right now, the internet is awash with schemes to relieve you of your money with enticing promises and no chance of seeing them come to fruition.. However, I am now in a win-win situation thanks to a diversity of business types in my portfolio where I leverage other peoples professional skills to return a profit to me . One or two have been high ticket, word of mouth and most likely you will never have seen them in social media. If people join me, that's great, if not - I still get paid from my own involvement. Rule your own empire - don't be a slave in someone else's .... All the best, Malcolm

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Would You Like Passive Income? Of Course!

Published on 1-21-2017 at 10:08 PM UTC by Malcolm Keith

Sometimes the simplest programs can make you the most money.

People seem attracted to the noise and glitter and hype of the latest, best shiny program ever.
...and the next one..
...and the next one...

And they miss the underground, solid, researched, analysed... (continue reading →)