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Liza J. Lee, Marketer

I was mid-career, looking to start an ethical business after receiving a letter of termination from my job in 2015. Although my former boss who is a successful business family advisor and angel investor helped me get contracts, these ended in 2016.

I learned to hustle with contract work in Vancouver, a very expensive city. I also searched everywhere for a marketing coach and consulting solution… And I found it! It is quite different from marketing I had done. I had to change my mindset for starting and growing an online business…

Here’s Why I Started An Online Marketing Business

I’ve always been creative so I started The Art Party with a Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Group. It grew to over 1,000 email contacts locally. We produced a local food & networking event in 2018, plus 3 sold-out workshops in 2017. However, these events were labour-intensive and limited in space. Therefore, I had to refocus to an online business I could start on the side and sustainably in 2018...

My marketing experience includes +50 small businesses, corporations and events since 2001. I’m from Vancouver, Canada – startup capital of North America. I’m the co-founder of The Art Party, an endorser of Earth Charter® for a just, sustainable, and peaceful planet with +10,000 social media contacts.

I’m also the author of the Marketing Step-By-Step Guide: Quick & Easy Tools to Get You More Sales – Mobile Marketing for Micro Businesses.

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