Massive changes will be coming for Leased Ad Space..

Published by Leased Ad Space Team — 5-25-2018 at 8:04 PM UTC

I know we have not sent out many emails the last few months..But

we have been working as always behind the scenes..

Right now, Bitcoin is your only method of purchasing traffic

packages, so we have been strategizing, and coming up with a

plan, so in the future, we will be able to offer debit and

credit card payments, and maybe a few other options as well..

There are several things we will have to change in order to be

able to do this..

So please be patient, as changes are coming..And Leased Ad Space

is still the great traffic platform it always has been..

And beside Bitcoin is not hard to use anyway..And you can cash

bitcoin out directly into your bank account for USD real cash,

we do it all the time..

Depending on which wallet you use, Bitcoin is no more difficult

than using paypal..

Fear is what stops most people from even attempting to use it..

The great thing about bitcoin is, as you get payments from the

platform, you wait to cash them out, when Bitcoin prices go up,

you make even more money..We have doubled even tripled our

bitcoin income by using this strategy..And so can you..

I did a video here, please watch. Learning something new

is part of life..

How to purchase Bitcoin with Coinbase

Subscribe to my youtube channel. I am always doing helpful

videos for learning internet marketing, and on different parts

of Leased Ad Space.

Coinbase supports customers in over 30 countries, including

the United States, Europe (not Germany), UK, Singapore,

Canada, and Australia..etc

I can not do how to videos for every wallet out there, as

there are a lot of them, and I do not have accounts at

every single one of them. But most have similar functions. is another very popular

wallet, that does allow purchasing of bitcoins as well now.

Here is a link below to some more information that will help you

understand bitcoin better, this article will help locate other

services as well, that support bitcoin.

Everything goes through phases before it is widely excepted and

adopted by the masses...Think about the first people to ever use

paypal or a wallet of any kind, they were not immediately

excepted and used by everyone..

I remember the days the only way to get paid was by paper check..

Things change, learning to use bitcoin will only help you to

succeed online, and conquer another fear..

That's part of the process of making your dreams and goals come

true, do not let fear stop you or obstacles..This is how I

became free at 39 years old doing this stuff, I always plow


Because change is inevitable, and bitcoin is not going any

where, just take the time to understand it..

We are working on the changes, and will keep you posted

by an email to everyone as soon as we have updates.


The Leased Ad Space Team

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