The Leased Ad Space public Ad Board Directory has been launched!

Published by Leased Ad Space Team — 4-11-2017 at 1:48 PM UTC

Hey friends and partners!

OMG, this one has been a long time in coming.  And I have to apologize for that.  All I can say is that collectively the LeasedAdSpace ownership has dealt with more medical issues in the past 12 months than we thought possible.  As an example, 4 members of the team or their immediate family dealt with life threatening heart issues this year.  And that's only part of what we've been up against.  So again, you have our sincerest apologies for the delay in getting the AdBoards (formerly known as text classifieds) out there.  But enough whining... onward and upward!

While irritating, that time spent in delay was not wasted!  While we languished in limbo and dealt with our own challenges, we took some time to look deeply at how people use LeasedAdSpace and look around the market at what sites and systems were popular.  As a result, we believe we've created something truly unique: a hybrid between a classified ads directory (full text, any content) with our own proven click tracking system that will keep people engaged and coming back for more.  

So, without further ado, we're happy to announce the general availability of our new AdBoards Directory!

The Details

First off, we have changed how click credits work system wide.  Click credits are now generic across both solo ads and AdBoard posts.  This means that for those Red Diamonds who don't have to click to send solo ads, but still choose to rack up click credits anyway, you'll now have something to spend those credits on.  We have big plans to expand this in the future as well, but more on that later.

AdBoards are open to everyone, free and paid member alike.  The rules for posting are a bit different for each group:

  • Free members can post as much as they want, 10 credits per post
  • All new and existing members are granted 10 free credits off the bat
  • Paid members get a number of free posts in the AdBoard per day equal to their "package level".  Pearls get one, Amethyst get two, etc. Except Red Diamonds who get 25!  Additional posts are 7 credits each once free posts are exhausted for the day.
  • Regardless of member level, the links you post in the AdBoard must be unique on the front page.  Our system figures this out for you.  You can post as many as you like to the front page as long as the links used are different, but you can't repost the same link until your initial post falls to page 2.
  • All members must be logged in to claim click credits (as usual).
  • Posts are permanent, but over time will fall down the list to deeper pages, so check back frequently and keep eyeballs on your offers!

Design Aspects

You'll quickly realize that each post has two links.  One (the title) goes directly to the click tracking page and displays the destination link in an iframe just like it does for Solo Ads.  The other labeled "more details" shows the description text used when posting the listing.  This is the part that mimics a traditional classified ads site.  The description also displays the link used in the post at the bottom whether you remember to include it in the description or not, and that leads to the click tracking system just like clicking on the title.  

We also pushed hard in to 'statistics' for this feature.  We want to give relevant stats up front so people understand the kind of traffic this feature is going to get.  This is a concept we'll be pushing deeper in to in the coming weeks site wide, so more to follow here, but for the time being just know that these are real time stats.  No faked numbers, no 'guestimating'.  Load this page in 3 browsers on 3 computers and you'll get the exact same answer, unlike a lot of sites we found in our research!

We also wanted to highlight and reward our Red Diamond members who are dedicated to their own success and are truly role models!  So we displayed a list of the most recent Personal Blog posts from our red diamond members on the AdBoard. The red header link for Market Leaders leads directly to our Red Diamond highlight page as well, to help highlight these awesome community builders!

With this feature, our originally planned feature set is complete.  But we're DEFINITELY not finished.  More info on "Phase 2" coming soon...

Post your ads now..

Have a beautiful day!


The Leased Ad Space Team

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Every business, website, individual, entrepreneur needs traffic online. Without it, they make nothing.. And this is why we created Leased Ad Space to give people more real traffic from a variety of methods, including search engine traffic.. See, Leased Ad Space upfront may look like many other traffic platforms, but what the site actually does is very unique. Not only do you get banner, text, and solo ads, but the solo ads cross post to a blog, and every single solo ad creates a unique page that gets indexed by the search engines. So the more customers of the site there are, the more solo ads that get posted, and the more pages that get indexed in the search engines, all on autopilot. We never delete these pages, they are permanent. …And we give every customer a profile page, where they can post as much of their own content to it as they want to, so every one of these articles post to the traffic platform as well. This again equals more pages being indexed by the search engines. More visitors for our customers from the search engines Everyone's banner and text ads then get displayed on every one of these pages, so literally we deliver your ads on thousands of pages all across the internet. And lets not forget that every traffic package purchase is only a one-time cost, and when you purchase your first $7.00 traffic package, you will be able to send 1 solo ad to the entire subscribed database, every 28 days for the duration of your membership..No matter how big the site gets, you will have no further cost to do so at that frequency.. Want to send a solo ad more often, just simply purchase the next traffic package. Each traffic package comes with more benefits.. As a marketer, we wanted these traffic packages to stand on their own, you can not get these benefits for the price anywhere online for such a low cost. Get Your Real Humans Here, While Supplies Last! :) To your success Sincerely, The Leased Ad Space Team