Holidays, End of Year and Announcements... OH MY!!

Published by Leased Ad Space Team — 12-21-2016 at 10:57 PM UTC

The holidays and the end of the calendar year are fast approaching.  It's amazing how fast the year has flown by!  We've seen a lot of great things here at LeasedAdSpace and it's all because of you, our members!  Alexa has us ranked in the top 35k most visited sites both in the US and globally!  Our bounce rate, time on site and page views per visit stats are also fantastic.  Seriously, check it out!  Our traffic levels are insane and you're the ones who are making that happen.

Additionally, we've grown to over 18k members in just over 8 months, and paid out an astronomical $176k in commissions paid directly to members.  Some sites have been online for years and not come anywhere near those numbers, and we did it in 8 short months!  Millions upon millions of ads served, and so many more indicators are telling us that while 2016 has been a wild ride, the traffic and content generation strategies that we have in store for 2017 are going to be off the hook!

But you know what?  2016 isn't over yet, is it?  We have a few things up our sleeves for this year yet.  With that, we're very pleased to announce...

Our Personal Blogs for members are finally available for the general membership!

This one has been a long time in coming, but we're really excited about it.  Blogs are publicly available, sort of as a child of your member profile page.  For those who don't remember, your profile page can be found here:{your-username} (replace the brackets with your username... case sensitive!)

If you're not using this page to market yourself, then you're doing marketing wrong. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's just the hard truth.  For those members who don't have much of a web presence on the internet, this page is invaluable and completely free.  You don't have to be a paid member for us to host, or for you to edit this page.  Even if you do have a broad web presence, this page is a great marketing tool for your LAS business.  

At the bottom of your personal profile page we now summarize your 5 most recent articles that you've written.  In addition we provide a link to your own personal blog landing page:{your-username}/blog (again, replace the brackets with your username... case sensitive!)

This blog landing page summarizes all of your pithy content and provides links to the full postings which are available by clicking either the heading or the ...more link.  In fact, all the pages: your profile page, your personal blog landing page and each individual post are completely interlinked and spruced up with info from your profile's 'about me' section.  This means that if someone lands on any of those pages either from your own marketing or from the search engines, they have a quick way to find more information about you and your other writing.  We also track view statistics on your posts so you can see how many people are devouring the content that you slaved over!  

This 'nest' of pages is basically a completely free and full featured marketing platform.  You can promote yourself, a few of your favorite programs, you get a platform for writing your own content to broaden your exposure and sell yourself and so much more.  All. For. Free.  If you happen to purchase a traffic package, you also now have powerful advertising tools for your other programs, and a ready and valuable product to sell to others: LeasedAdSpace traffic packages.  For $7 you have a full fledged marketing platform complete with a product.  

Blogs are available to all members, both free and paid, but paid members also have access to a full complement of HTML formatting, a WYSIWYG editor and comments via Facebook!  

You can access the blog admin under the membership area menu item labeled 'Personal Blog'.  From there you can draft and edit posts using the menu and links on that page.

Future enhancements to the blog services that we're kicking around at the moment include the ability to upload local images (currently we only support linking to images hosted elsewhere) for blog posts, as well as a curated content area on the homepage where we highlight some of the best posts from our paid members.

Speaking of HTML editors, we'd also like to announce...

Upgraded WYSIWYG editor for solo ads, complete with an expanded set of supported HTML tags!

The editor is available for members owning at least the Emerald traffic package.  For those with only Amethyst or Pearl package, you can still enter the limited set of HTML tags by hand as you did previously, so we're not taking that ability away.  We've also made some improvements to line breaks in emails that are available to everyone now!

We're really excited about how this is going to impact people's solo ad success rate.  We've been hearing for months about the ridiculously high response rates that members are getting with our solo ads, but having the ability to add a little 'flare' to your emails should amp things up quite a bit!

And just to recap some recent-but-not-necessarily-new changes for those who may have missed them...

Recent Earners and Leaderboards

We recently released a fully dynamic recent earners list to provide that social proof that we all want before we invest our time and money in a program.  These are updated in real time, as transactions come in to the system.  No waiting to update.

We also implemented leaderboards for the more competitive among you.  You know who you are!  Again, this updates in real time and we've already seen some of the competitive juices start flowing as people claw their way up the ranks!  Currently the leaderboards are 'all time', but we're also considering adding in a date filter to allow you to view different time ranges to see who's most active in any given time frame.  More on this to come.

Both of these lists can be found in a unified page at: and these pages also tie back in to all members profile pages.  This 'closes the loop' if you will on that page-nest concept I was talking about earlier.


As most of you know, we recently added Bitcoin support at the same time that we removed Paypal support.  We understand that the Paypal decision was a rough one for some people and we're still kicking around ideas to help soften that blow, but given the culling that our industry had with all the banning and suspensions of Paypal accounts, we didn't see any viable alternatives.  The good news is that Bitcoin transactions are flowing and have seen a sharp increase in the past few weeks as people get over their initial trepidation about the new payment format.  

Expect a LOT more information on this to come as people realize how amazingly freeing it is to transact business in bitcoin.  Bitcoin is beholden to no one.  And that means financial freedom for those who get on board!  I'll be honest in admitting that I was skeptical about Bitcoin for years before we made this decision, but after doing my homework... I am 100% sold and 100% all-in on Bitcoin!  If you have questions about bitcoin, feel free to drop a line to support and we'll do our best to answer your questions or refer you to information that can assist you!

Whew!  Ok, this is REALLY long.  If you made it to the end of this, then I salute your dedication and thank you from the bottom of my heart!  More to come at a later time!

To Your Success!

The Leased Ad Space Team

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