How many ads can I have set up?

Published by Leased Ad Space Team — 12-21-2016 at 10:21 PM UTC

With the Pearl Traffic package, you can have 1/468x60 banner ad, and 1/125x125 banner ad, and 1/text ad running at the same time. The banner ad impressions, are split between the two banner ad sizes equally for each traffic package.

With each Traffic package purchase, the number of ad styles you can have running increases by 1 for each, so by the time you are a Red Diamond, you can have 7 of each ad style running at the same time. You can edit your banner and text ads, anytime by clicking on the blue pencil icon across from each ad on your dashboard.

Banner ad impressions do not refresh monthly they are one-time for each traffic package, except with the Red Diamond traffic package these banner ad and text ad impressions refresh monthly.

Your solo ad benefit is permanent, as a Pearl traffic package owner you can send 1 solo ad every 28 days forever, every traffic package purchase after that cuts the amount of days between your send time down. You write that solo ad from scratch every time you send it out. You have to manually send it out,  according to your current traffic package owned, send time. Your solo ad gets posted every time you send one to our public Ad Blog as well, and stays there permanently.

You can also, post to your personal blog any time you wish to.

Please watch this video:

Setting up your traffic packages:

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