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Published by Klaus Biesel — 1-14-2017 at 3:15 AM UTC

They say the money is in the list.

That's unfortunately only true, if you know in which list. I have wasted tons of money to upgrade all across the board. Viral Mailers, Traffic exchanges, downline-builders, listbuilders, all of it. Hoping while increasing numbers the conversion would rise up as well. I even spent money on trackers, but wow they failed me many times, even reported conversions at programs and services where I was not even a member at.

I was so  much frustrated until I met Penny Cannon, one of the most successful and independent online entrepreneurs. Together we compared ton's of statistics, and were pretty much surprised about our results. Pretty much the same. Only less than 20 sources and services where we are upgraded members ever delivered signups and sales for our campaigns more than average.

Now we had this data collected and were thinking how to make those accessible for others without spending too much money out of our own pockets and FREE for all who want to access those results.

We came up with TESTEDANDPROVEN a free Downlinebuilder which provides real proof for the sources which we introduce and which we do monitor very closely.

We kept it free all over years and it will remain free for years to come. Members who join can make their own decisions, won't be bothered by tons of admin emails to join us here and there. They also decide by their free will if they want to promote TAP or just making use of the information inside to know which sources are worth to be upgraded.

We are very proud to see in our tracking stats, that TAP is being promoted at almost 7000 sources and the results do show as well, that only a very tiny numbers of sources ever worked to bring sign-ups into TAP.

This graph shows how hard it is to find sources which actually deliver signups out of all sources tracked by our inbuilt profit tracker at TAP.

TAP sources do work.

Take a look at the TOP 50 referrer her at LAS. 3 out of the TOP 10 are TAP members. Even more further down the list among the TOP 50.

Penny and I like to encourage you to join TAP. And yes it will remain FREE. Since January 2017, we are also introducing tools for hands free advertising which do work better than average.

Thanks for reading

Klaus Biesel (aka Klausius)

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I am German, living in the Philippines. Taking life easy as it is limited. I do my living from online Marketing, own my own mailer and DLB, write a lot of my experiences which i gathered in the last years. Not rich but happy, and the online money feeds my family and i can send the kids to a private school. We are lucky the way we are. You can visit my projects, the links are shown below. Contact me via Skype: klausbiesel if you have any further questions about me.