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After serving 24 years in United States Navy as a Communications Officer, I retired in January 2010. I have learned to utilize technology to socially engage with individuals globally to assist them in creating their financial freedom they truly desire. I simply connect with individuals and show them how to implement sound business strategies into their daily mode of operation.

My main company that I make money with manufactures quality, environmentally safe products, sells them at reasonable prices, and gives customers the opportunity to share in the revenue. By eliminating the costs of distribution, advertising, and delivery to stores, our company saves the customer money, creates customer loyalty, and provides an opportunity for customers to build a sensible business with residual income.

My secondary income stream is a faith based personal development affiliate program called "Hand of Heaven" or HOH.

HOH is about people helping people.

Are you ready to live life on your terms and make a difference too?

We have created a new program and product like no other.

Over the past two decades, we've found out that focusing on IMPACT and CONTRIBUTION are much more powerful than focusing on the money.

To this end, we have married original product that has impact deep to your soul as well as to your pocket.

The HOH offering is the most powerful turn-key, foolproof system in the world today. If you are serious about both developing yourself on the INSIDE as well as on the OUTSIDE by helping others with these powerful courses, then you've come to the right place at the right time.

HOH is not like all those other "me first" programs out there where you have to refer tons of people before you see anything yourself. This is an standard affiliate program with added dynamic leverage so you can develop teams of people that think like you and want to also effect change on a global basis.

It's hands down the fastest and easiest system on the planet to create change on a global scale. We have real ORIGINAL products that will help people break through their limiting barriers to reach self awareness.

Through sharing or amazing original products, our members receive from $25 to $2000 from each new person they refer, and it starts from the very first person.

*While you might have a bit of confusion to you at first, it will become clear very soon. You keep all your referrals except the second referral at the product purchase you are at. You receive the second referral (and person) from each sale you receive. That's all there is to it.

This is a real business. We think it's a perfect business model. We've proven it works with many millions in sales using this exact system.

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