My goal would be for you to be #1 in Google Ranking! Geosearch.

Published by Rick Anderson — 12-25-2016 at 8:13 PM UTC

Dear Business Owner,

I took a look at your website, I think I can help you gradually increase your traffic with non-paid traffic from Google.

Could I explain how I could help you do this in an email? -Send me your name and email.-

My goal would be for you to be #1 in Google for your top keywords, and for you to see a high return on your investment in 61 days. Here's how we can do that:

I'd like to look for keywords that have
- Little competition,
- High search demand,
- Strong relevance to your industry, and
- High revenue / visitor.
It's not about just increasing traffic. We find keywords where the traffic converts into leads, and more importantly, sales.
Once we have a list of keywords, then we need to...
Our goal here is to ask ourselves these questions:
1. Who is your typical customer?
2. Are some customers better than others? If so, describe the ideal customer, and explain why they're different than other customers.
3. What is their need/problem that you solve?
4. What is your unique selling proposition? Why should your customers use you instead of your competition?
5. What messaging do you use (2-3 sentences) that explain both what your customers pain is, and how you solve it better than anyone else?
We'll work with you to ensure you have ample content on your website that contains the correct keywords and messaging. Our goal is to write content that turns website traffic into revenue.
In 30 days or less, we'll increase the revenue / visitor to your website. As a result, you'll see an increase in revenue. Revenue will continue to increase as your rankings and traffic from Google improves over the next few months. We give 100% more value and
commitment with our service for your Success than other companys will!
Send me your email and ill send you all the details.
Rick Anderson

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