AdsFeedz Grand Opening Invitation!

Published by Rohan Awathare — 1-27-2018 at 9:28 AM UTC

Hello friends,

You are cordially invited to join the Opening of AdsFeedz;

An Income Generating Advertising Platform,

designed and owned by Ori Ginex,

a talented developer and a trusted admin.

AdsFeedz was secretly in the making for a long time,

and finally, its doors are wide open.

Be the first to try AdsFeedz' quality, 24 h unique, Traffic Exchange advertising

and be the first to review its genius income generating structure that includes 6 Ways of Earning with up to 90% commission!

In that ingeniously designed system even free members can earn their Daily Profit portion from the AdsFeedz' Surf Pool,

and they can invite other members and earn from their purchases direct commission.

With a $29 purchase of an advertising/profit contract of 20 000 advertising credits, you will open all the remaining ways of earning and your profit contract will stay active up to 50 days or it will end up earlier you reach up to 120% of the amount you purchase.

AdsFeedz is a Whole New Advertising/Income Monster - Join Us and Grow With Us!

Looking forward to seeing you inside,

Warm regards,



During the Opening Phase, EVERY Newly Registered Member

receives 1000 advertising credits + $2.50 Bonus!      

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