Mailer With 5,770 Proven Buyers

Published by Rohan Awathare — 1-25-2018 at 1:42 PM UTC

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Yeah, you read that right, SOTAM has been around for

over 7 years and during that time 5,770 purchases of

upgraded memberships, Full Page Ads, and Viral Banner

Ads have been made inside!   

Check out these other numbers....

- JUST ADDED: No subscription via Bitcoin option

- Proven and Stable... 7 years old!

- 36,383 members

- Ranked #1 by Hoopla for years!

- NEVER a missed payment during that time

- 1,684,778,500 emails sent since launch

- 59,345,559 million clicks (ads opened) generated

- 360,762,961 Time-Bonus Banner Ad views

- $336,887.65 in commissions earned by members

- High commission potential

- Multiple membership levels available

If you want a system with proven buyers, we have 5,770

examples of them inside so join now!


Rohan Awathare

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