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I am building a part-time business in just 10 minutes a day, alongside my current commitments. Connect with me on Facebook (Joy.Healey) and ask how you can start for as little as $10. I will add you into a group of people all working together to help each other earn an extra income online.

So - who am I and why would you trust me?

Well, I now live in the beautiful city of Norwich UK, have two sons, two grand-daughters and two grand-dogs. My hobbies are reading and line-dancing.

I'm part-time in online business because I have a successful off-line business - but it's hard work! I'd like to be able to retire, but whoops - I forgot to save for a pension and if I stop working, my offline business stops paying me. So I turned to online business to start builing a residual income.

I have been online several years now and fallen for so many scams and made so many mistakes that I could kick myself. Why did I think that normal business logic went out of the window just because it's "online"?

I have found a couple of reliable and long-established programs that are building well, and fit in alongside my offline business, I want to help others avoid the mistakes I made and am part of a couple of groups dedicated to helping others with the same mindset.

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