Want to build a HUGE TrafficWave Downline? This will help..

Published by Darrell Cridland — 5-3-2017 at 5:38 AM UTC

Universal Team Build will Advertise your TrafficWave link for you, whether you are an existing member, OR if you want to create a new account.

It is an amazing system that is proving to be very popular because so many struggle to promote and get others into their downlines.

UTB takes care of this for you. You just plug in your member ID and follow all the included marketing ideas to get others interested.

And why wouldn't they be?

With UTB, you can earn extra commissions above what TrafficWave pays you - so effectively you are getting paid for finding new TrafficWave members that will pay you recurring monthly income from TW and UTB because they want to stay in the program and get more commissions for themselves too.

Building your downlines just got a lot easier! Check it out for yourself.


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I have been working online for the last 3 years and really like bulding matrix programs and longterm affiliate programs from trusted companies. I particularly like anything that helps me to build my list. I like helping others learn things too. I have been fortunate to have learned some very useful information from some people who were very generous with their time and liked to help others. I see the benefit in working this way to build longterm trust and business relationships with people. Besides, it's a cool way to be :)