Be Careful Where You Share!

Published by Thomas Keoppel — 2-13-2017 at 6:48 PM UTC

Online advertising revenue sharing programs
as per the Alexa Global ranking
Global traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to other sites on the web over the past 3 months

1) MyPayingAds

2) MyPayingCryptoAds

3) Futureadpro

4) My24hourincome

5) TheAdsTeam

6) Myadvertisingpays

7) AdPackPro


9) Likesxl

10) 10adspay

11) ClickIntensity

12) Myadstory

13) Zfshare

14) TheTrafficincome

15) Welikefund

There are many variations in the parameters of these sites,
that determine how the profits are distributed.
Often getting the formula wrong, is the cause of the sites failure.
The first person to figure out the correct formula is Uday Nara.

Another reason they fail, is the owners do not have a back up plan,
or do not even try to create one, when unforeseen obstacles appear.

After the events that Uday Nara, and his site: MyPayingAds, went through with the evil PayPal, prove beyond any doubt, this man knows how to run a revshare program, and keep it running.

That is the reason MyPayingAds, and his new site MyPayingCryptoAds, are the #1 and #2 ranked sites today, respectively, according to the Alexa Global rankings for Online advertising revenue sharing programs.
For more information on these programs: look me up on facebook: cashpump

Best wishes for you.

May all your endeavors be prosperous,
Thomas H. Keoppel


No such thing as zero risk!

I frequently see programs claim they carry no risk.

Also I see people claim the programs they are promoting carry no risk.


EVERY business, and more so for online business, carries risk.

 Use extra caution when you see this.

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