3 Things You should Own though You don't Own a Product

Published by Gilles Goyette — 2-9-2019 at 12:22 AM UTC

1. Your Own web site:

Most affiliates put a redirect link directly to their affiliate

product. It is not such a good practice.

*Register a domain that closely resembles your affiliate product

 website. For example, if you are an affiliate for affiliateproduct.com

 web site, try to register affiliate-product.com or affiliateproduct.net.

*Follow the lay-out of your affiliate product web site.

*Put content on your web site (minimum of 10 pages). Like articles

 and reviews related to your affiliate product. No need to say to put up

 links leading the visitor to your affiliate web site.

*If you have a multiple different affiliate products, don't mix them up

 and put all of those links on same web site. Choose a multidomain host

 and host your different affiliate web sites for cheap.

2. Your Own opt-in list:

You need your own opt-in list **no matter** what you sell and your own

or your affiliate product.

Start giving free ecourse or an ezine related to your affiliate product

and collect email addresses.

You need a follow up autoresponder or a maling list manager to manage

this process of collecting emails, follow up, sending promotional emails

etc. etc.

Here is a PHP script that you can use as BOTH follow up autoresponders

and mailing list managers:


3. Your Own Ezine articles:

Yep! You have to spread the word about your affiliate product. Don't You?

Write articles related to your affiliae product and publish them on your

web site, send them to publishers, submit them to content sites.

Do a search on Google or Altavista like 'submit+article', you will get a

big list of sites. Keep your favorites on your Favorites folder and submit

to them on regular basis.

Few tips in writing ezine articles in the affiliates perspective:

=Don't expose your affiliate link directly in your resourcebox.

=Usually affiliate links comes as long URLs. These tend to breakup.

 So use some kind of redirection.

=Only promote one product in one article.

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