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My name is Winston Hanson, I'm from Jamaica NY. My favorite pet is a cat. My favorite songs: Reggae, Classical and Inspirational. My hobbies are among a few things: Swimming, fishing, cooking etc. However, I had placed strong emphasis, on education; due to the fact that I have seen it as: top priority, in acknowledge of long time and short time goal settings, which isn't dismissible from my biographical information, without appropriate plan or a collective road map. Manifestation will fail to materialize. However, my purpose here is among several reasons: communicate with people from all walks of life, be a part of the rich content, adherent to the protocol etc. I'm sure without a shadow of a doubt I will meet people who shares my thoughts, believes concepts vice versa. Before I forget multicultural is among my focal Purpose. Lastly, I have just join Leased Ad Space and to my surprise! It took off like a jet plane. I am so contented and happy with it. Thank you! Leased Ad Space

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