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Published by Eve Hoeg — 5-9-2018 at 8:51 AM UTC

The TRUE COST of staying where you’re at…


There’s two roads to choose from…

So, there’s this lovely lady, with diabetes. (We’ll call her Aunt Betty.)

Her story can put more moolah in your pockets and change your life.


Aunt Betty was asked by her doc to start exercising more, and to tighten up her diet. To eat less sugar.

Otherwise, there would be major consequences.

Yes, there would be a COST involved.

She’d have to get a gym membership or hire a personal trainer. She’d have to travel to the gym and workout 4-5 times a week.

She’d have to develop a “taste” for better, healthier foods.

No doubt about it, this wouldn’t be easy as pie to do.

So? She opted out for change and doubled-down on her bad habits…


She now has to go to the doc 3-4 times a week for shots and to get her finger pricked for blood work.

She has to sit in waiting rooms for hours and hours each week, all while her medical bills pile up and her health nosedives…

She can barely walk anymore, and has to use a cane to help her hobble around.


The TRUE COST isn’t what it takes us to do what we WANT in life?

It’s what it cost us if we DON’T do anything.

Sadly, this story plays out in life all too often. That’s why you and I must consider the true cost so it doesn’t happen to us too?

In business, what if we do NOT do what it takes to start something on the side?

What job will we stay stuck in?

Will we remain in the rat race for 20 or 30 more years?

Will we retire on a tiny income, or have to rely on others to care for us?

What vacations and experiences will we NOT get to enjoy with our families?

What bigger incomes and freedoms will we NOT see?

THAT, my friend, is what I consider the true cost of this business.

I hope this makes sense.

And I hope this helps.

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