FREE traffic or PAID? Which is best?

Published by Eve Hoeg — 5-10-2018 at 10:16 AM UTC

why an “organic” biz isn’t always best


Critical 411 inside…

Many folks think that to build their businesses up, taking the free, “organic” route is safest and best.

Yet, “organic” and “natural” doesn’t always mean good.

Arsenic is natural.

That weird fungus growing on someone’s toenails is organic.

Yet, these things aren’t good, right? Could even be considered very dangerous?

In business?

This often is dangerous, because it means you can NOT dependably scale your business, true as clockwork.

It’s hard to scale “free”.

That’s why leveraging simple, low-risk paid traffic methods is such a critical skill to learn.

Once you get something like a paid advertising converting to sales for you?

This means you can start to invest more, and your earnings will likely scale up as a result.

All while leaving you more time to live a great lifestyle on your terms.

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