Nobody forces us to WORK.

Published by Eve Hoeg — 5-12-2018 at 9:20 AM UTC

do this, change your life (starting now)


Here’s how to create lasting change…

Many feel they “must” get up and go to work each day. That they have to keep up what they’re doing, even if they’re not happy and fulfilled.

Yet, nobody HAS to do anything, do they?

We can all choose to stay in bed if we want. We can choose to not work, or to not do anything at all.

Yes, there are consequences to our choices. But they are OUR choices to make.

And within that thought lays great opportunity and power for each of us, if so we choose…

So, a strategy that helps many that aren’t currently happy and fulfilled in their life?

It’s to get absolutely fed-up with your current circumstances, and then to CHOOSE to raise your standards of living.

It’s to look at our life honestly, and to decide things we’ll no longer accept showing up in our families lives ever again.

And when we set new standards for ourselves? It’s hard to lower them ever again.

Because we’ve got a new setpoint.

It’s how change for the better happens.

And it’s our choice to make. Nobody will show up and do it for us. That’s why most stay stuck in the rat race and others raise their standards of living the good life, and they never look back to their old standards again.

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All the best!

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