Keeping the lifestyle dream alive, or actually LIVING IT?

Published by Eve Hoeg — 4-21-2018 at 8:38 AM UTC

Is positive thinking STUPID? (not 100%, but…)

Overwhelm melts away when we do this.

It’s not that “mental states” don’t play an important role here, but…

Many confuse wishing and wanting with PURSUING… 

Buying a course, or downloading a PDF may keep the “dream” alive for another day.

But taking the right ACTIONS is what turns those dreams into reality.

It’s all about action over something passive, like simply thinking positive or trying to “attract” success to us by our thoughts alone.

Not to sound harsh here, but positive thoughts alone don’t attract more cash to our bank accounts, any more than saying toilets attracts our bottoms to its seats. 🙂 

To get what we want… 

We have to put out valuable offers… 

And take the needed actions required. 

(If you’re not earning enough, you are likely not putting enough valuable offers out into the marketplace.)

That’s. It. 

Again, dreaming and thinking is great. 

But all the fun is in the pursuit! Doing the daily actions to get what we want in this world.

If you’ve got about 30 minutes a day? 

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It’ll require a little ACTION on your part to start, yet the results can be $1K plus commissions rolling your way in as little as the next 30 days.

Hope this is helpful!




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