Meet the Frugalwoods (Azon review + insight)

Published by Eve Hoeg — 3-23-2018 at 12:12 PM UTC

Why FREEDOM beats the socks off RETIREMENT…
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have you seen this video

Does what they want, when they want.

There’s this “angry” comment about a new book on Amazon called, Meet the Frugalwoods, right now.

The gist of the (still 5 star review) comment was this…

Real freedom doesn’t equal retirement!

So, I wanted to speak up about this because what they did is what many of us want to do too…

Their definition of freedom wasn’t a retired life.

It was this…

They built up their IDEAL lifestyle that allowed them to escape the rat race for good…

And now, they’ve got the freedom and time to do work/things that THEY are passionate about.

…They wake up to a FULfilled life now.
…Not a tiny 5X5 cubicle workspace.

Make sense?

When we have breathing room, and we aren’t worried over if the bills will be covered over the next 12+ months?

We don’t want to retire usually. We just want to do, live, and profit in the areas we want.

For the possibly quickest route there?

===> I know of few if any better ways than this one… (21 steps required)

When you’re getting BIG PAYDAYS up to $10K strong?

You can get ahead pretty darn fast?

Leaving you plenty of time and energy to focus on the things that light you up?

Hope to see you inside, when you’re ready to join us.



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