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Published by Eve Hoeg — 3-27-2018 at 7:57 AM UTC

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have you seen this video 

Yet to build a great side-income up?

Here’s a bit of truth tea rolling in…

Information alone gobbles up ALL of our attention.

And, it’s everywhere we turn!

So, we must counter it.

As info is worth an ounce, info APPLIED is worth a ton!

We can also retreat…

A long walk.
A meditation.

Solitary exercise.
Playing an instrument.

Or, a half a day with a pad, pen, and silence?

That’s where the fortunes are born.

Information can wash over our lives like a toxic wave. Or, we can stand up and give solid attention to what we want, and how we’ll go out and get it.

(Reread that last paragraph 3-5X)

Where you decide to look, and what you’ll decide to create?

It’s always your choice.

I’m not sure?

If you’d like to get up to speed on how to start CREATING new DFY pipelines to profit from?

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