“How does this Big Commissions thing work?”

Published by Eve Hoeg — 3-10-2018 at 9:29 AM UTC

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Up to $10K commissions DFY? Want to know HOW it works?


This should help you see how you can get large commission checks, up to $10,000…

Some people chime in on our groups etc., and just don’t 100% get how the whole “Big Ticket Commissions” thing works.

How can they get up to a $10K commish, when they didn’t have to “sell” anything themselves?

So I thought, you may be a bit curious about this too?

Here’s how it works…

It’s quite simple really.

There is a sales team working hard on your behalf.

They are highly ethical, and where it is a RIGHT FIT, they offer premium offers that will truly help others get the results they want in their side-business and lifestyles.

And here’s the kicker…

They get paid when YOU get paid!

So this makes them highly motivated to get you high-ticket commissions.

Because if they don’t, they can’t make a good income either.

Think of it like this:

If you put a $200K home up for sale, your Real Estate Agents job will be to sell the home, asap.

Of course, the person who buys the home will WANT the home…

So when they sell it for you, they get their cut, let’s just say it’s $25K here.

You’ll get your cut of the profits, again, just giving numbers as an example, let us say your profit is $75K on the home.

And then the rest goes to pay off the rest of the loan, and to pay closing fees and so forth.

Simple enough, right?


How can you get high-ticket commissions?

===> Get high ticket commissions here

The sales person gets their percentage of the profits, some money goes to the company (Which they usually put right back into its own marketing and systems to make it even better for us…)

And then you and I get our very generous cut of the profits!

That’s how you can just focus on ONE THING…

Sending them leads.

And then the team and system goes to work hard, for you, getting you up to $1K to $10K on the backend…

We’re a loving team, working hard to run lifestyle-friendly businesses “together” here.

I’d love for you to learn how to get set up soon?

Getting leads is the easy part, and that’s all you have to do.

You’ll need to be able to set aside about 30 to 60 minutes a day if you’re to do this right…

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