Not seeing how you can get to $10K months?

Published by Eve Hoeg — 3-12-2018 at 9:42 AM UTC

7 Figure Freedom

Paid ads never bringing you good money?


Do this, and the sales will take care of itself.

With all the info and hype out there, it can be hard to understand the SIMPLICITY it takes to get to a nice income online.

How DO you get steady recurring income?

Where you’re at least hitting the $10K per month mark, if not much more than that?

The key is to NOT focus so much on the sales.

The little known tip is to zero in on this triangle.

It’s the “holy grail” to online profits that’ll make you stand tall and will be proud of the results you’re getting for yourself and your family.

At the top of the triangle is a T. That stands for Traffic.

At the bottom right hand corner of the triangle is a C. That stands for Conversions.

And at the bottom left of the triangle is perhaps the most important part, it’s the E.

Which stands for…


You START there.

Because that’s where all your profits will be.

You take what you want to be earning, then you reverse-engineer the traffic and conversions to make it happen.

This changes everything! And so few people know about it, much less do it.

Think of it this way…

If you were to start a new j-o-b, what is one of the first things you’ll want to know?

It would be the PAY (economics) wouldn’t it?

If the pay wasn’t enough, you wouldn’t try to get cheaper gas (ad costs) just to try to make this “business model” work, would you?

Likewise in this business. The economics must work out in your favor, first.

So if you go thru this process, you’ll see that for the cost it takes to acquire a new lead and customer…

You’ll likely need to have “premium priced” products to offer.

If it takes $200 to acquire a customer that pays you $97. Then it doesn’t take much to realize that you need to offer MORE than $200 to make a profit.

When you can earn up to $1K to $10K, then you clearly see how that changes your whole business, from traffic, to conversions, to profits.:-)

Hope this makes sense? It’s important 411 to get.

Many are struggling, trying to get cheaper clicks. But ad costs are only going up, up, up…

…Especially as Facebook hits Max Ad Load.

The way to profit is to have enough meat on the bone, to afford whatever the going rate is for Paid Advertising, and to still turn a tidy chunk of change.

The one who can afford the MOST, wins the most.

That’s why this TCE Triangle is one of the first things you’ll learn inside this 21 Step System…

===> Learn the Traffic, Conversions, and Economics needed to hit $10K/mos

Once you’re up to speed on “TCE” you can start using their proven systems, if you’d like, to start getting big commissions.

How soon would you like to see your 1st $1,000 plus commission notification hitting your inbox?

===> I’m ready now…



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