Goodbye phones, hello big ticket sales!

Published by Eve Hoeg — 2-23-2018 at 12:28 PM UTC

$10K commissions, no selling needed…


Gets bigger commissions, DFY…

One of the keys to success online, in today’s competitive space?

It’s to focus on getting big ticket sales or commissions on the backend of your biz.

With rising ad costs and with folks wanting premium services and training these days…

I feel it’s a must to have $500+ offers in your business.

Plus, if you want it to be lifestyle friendly?

That just means a few sales a month can be rolling you in a nice income.

How many $1K to $10K sales would you need to live pretty well?

Not many, right?

Here’s the problem…

For most, they don’t want to hop on the phone, or schedule strategy calls all day every day to bring in the sales.

They may not have the sales chops.

They don’t know how to “close” people.

And maybe they just don’t want to even think about doing anything like that.

That’s why I leverage this system…

===> Leverage this system, asap

On the backend of this simple biz model is an ETHICAL process…

Where if it’s the right fit, qualified folks are offered premium programs. And if they invest in themselves and their business…

And if you’ve positioned yourself…

You can get up to $1000 to $10K+ commissions.

And you never have to pick up the phone or do anything at all.

Your job, it’s simply to follow their “daily plan” to drive leads into their funnels, and they’ll handle the rest for you.

Could it get any easier than that?

Just do the upfront work, and they take over from there. So you can go work, play, or do whatever you want to.

If you’re open to using leverage and getting big commissions without having to talk on the phones or do all the work.

Well, I couldn’t recommend this any more highly to you….

===> OK, I’m ready to do this and start getting high-ticket commissions.


How soon before you’d like to see your first $1K to $10K sale?

How about in the next 30 days, after you’ve gone through the 21 steps?

Because that’ll be our FIRST goal for you, if you’re down for that?

Have a great day! 🙂

Eve H

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