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Published by Eve Hoeg — 2-24-2018 at 11:08 AM UTC

If you’re working over 40 hrs per week. (Open up)


This may be a hard pill to swallow.

We can look all around our lives, and quickly see that for most people?

They are living a REASON driven life.

For example…

“I’d be in shape, but I don’t have any free time to workout.”

“I’d take my wife for date nights, but I have to provide for my family, right? 60 hr. workweeks don’t give me any time for her…”

“I’d play more with my kids, but I have too many to-dos to catch up on every weekend, it seems.”

See the point here?

They’re living a REASON driven life.

And it’s causing them to live in a very unfulfilled, one-dimensional state.

Income is fine, but family suffers.

Health is great, but cash is low.

Your kids adore you, but the spouse treats you like you’re invisible.

On and on it goes…

The second someone becomes aware of this, and begins to live a RESULTS DRIVEN life…

Well, that changes EVERYTHING.

You can have all you want in ALL aspects of your life.

Because you’ve designed your life, and you know that the only thing that counts, are results…

Not intentions.

Not reasons why you can’t.

It’s only what you actually see as important enough to make it a priority and to regular DO it that will count…

Make sense?

For many, that’ll be some hard truth tea to sip on.

They’ll want to cuddle up with all the reasons they can’t.

For others…

It’ll be very freeing!

You can have it all.

If you focus on results you want for yourself and your family, and not the reasons.

Coming straight from my heart here, I hope it’s coming out that way?


That’s why I love this little biz we’re in so much…

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Because you can earn a great income on the side, freeing up your time to focus on what matters to you and your family.

Just makes this all a bit easier. 🙂

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Have to run, but I hope you have a great one today!

Eve H

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