Why “measurements” matter. A LOT…

Published by Eve Hoeg — 2-28-2018 at 10:17 AM UTC

Do you compare yourself to others? (1 spot you should)


A guaranteed way to improve.

Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

And along his line of thoughts, I’d 100% agree!

But in business?

I’d say, comparisons against ourselves (or our results) is the fastest fuel to your growth!

Here’s why…

What’s measured is what will get improved.

That’s it.

Point blank.

Most never improve much in anything, because they’re not measuring ANYTHING.

Let’s say you want to get to $5K or $10K months on the side…

You follow something like:

===> This proven plan


Or whatever plan you have.

With the system above, your only task really is to drive leads as they teach you.


If you drive 300 leads this month, and you only make $2,500?

What does that “measurement” tell you that you now need to do?

600 leads could get you to $5K next month, or 1,200 leads could get you to $10K months, right?

So that process may simply mean you reinvest some of your profits from this month, so you can drive more ads!

Measuring this way is how you can go from $0 to $10K, $50K months and up…

But if you’re not measuring?

You may just give up, or stay at $2,500 or less…

It’s all in measuring, measuring, and measuring ANYTHING you want to improve in your life.

It’s not hard.

In fact it’s quite invigorating once you start!

It could even be life changing?

===> Here’s the system I use to get more income on the side…


If you’ll measure and track leads with this, you can earn a GREAT income, part-time.

When would you like to start?


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