The “smoke and mirrors” to online business…

Published by Eve Hoeg — 1-22-2018 at 9:09 AM UTC

“SHORTCUTS” to $10K paydays…


The real shortcut is knowing this…

It’s Eve,

A common thread spun in this biz?

Finding “shortcuts” and “hacks” so you can get to wealth and freedom faster.

Yet, how’s that working out for most folks?

Not. well. at. all.

Most think that the opposite of a shortcut is a long, drawn out path to the results they want.

But that’s just not the case.

It’s just the opposite actually.

Think of it this way…

Say you’re headed off to the grocery store. And you won’t leave your home until you find the quickest path – one where there are no red lights, stop signs or ANY chance of road work, accidents, etc.

You’d never get out the driveway, would you?

What’s the REAL shortcut or path to take here?

It’s to get in your car, and drive straight to the store, with the best path YOU KNOW to take.

And you EXPECT to hit a few stop signs, red lights, green lights, and maybe even to get stuck in traffic for a beat.

And that’ll be OK, right?

Author and professor at Columbia University, Janna Levin, says this…

“I used to resent obstacles along the path, thinking, ‘If only that hadn’t happened life would be so good.’

Then I suddenly realized, life IS the obstacles. There is no underlying path.”

Is that making sense?

The underlying path, the HACK and TRICK?

It’s that there is none.

Embrace the obstacles.

The red lights and stop signs and wrecks.

Walk the required walk.

Because that’s reality.

That’s life.


As you build a side-business that can give you an amazing life and a great income, you don’t need hacks and tricks.

You just need a plan, and a willingness to see it through, with all the red lights and stop signs…

There will be PLENTY of greenlights and shortcuts you’ll come across IF you just get your wheels rolling and you’re in gear and steering your car.

Another great piece of advice I heard, blunt as it sounds?

“Figure it out.”

Whatever barriers you come across, know we’re in the Information Age.

Google it, YouTube it, get a book or course on it, stumble your way through it, in short… Figure it out. 🙂

Just make sure you’re in movement as you do it. Figure it out ALONG the way…

That’s the greatest “hack” I know of that I can give you today!

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The link above will take you to a GREAT PLAN… Yet, today’s note still applies.

Here’s to dynamic duos.


Eve H

PS Many will keep searching year after year for a “hack” that’ll make them filthy rich overnight. They’ll search for no obstacles, no red lights.

And it’ll never happen because they are looking at things wrong…

How soon would you like to start having fun and getting real results with us, by using LEVERAGE?

In your corner.

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