Join the New Rich? (2018 critical updates)

Published by Eve Hoeg — 1-12-2018 at 11:56 AM UTC

Death of the Lifestyle Biz?


Some will profit, others will perish.

It’s amazing, over ten years after the book’s original release…

The 4-Hour Workweek is still a bestseller and was the most highlighted Kindle book of the year.

More than ever before, people want to escape the 9-5 grind, live anywhere, and join the New Rich.

The “New Rich” or (NR) not only have plenty of disposable income to live as they want, they’re also TIME RICH.

Many today are income rich, but time poor, giving them very little happiness, quality of life, or fulfillment.

Others are time rich, but income poor.

The (NR) gives you the best of both worlds.

Yet, great as the book is, some of its strategies need to be adapted to the times.

You can’t throw “penny clicks” or cheap traffic to ads anymore and expect to test and build a profitable MUSE business on the side.

It doesn’t work like that nowadays…

Rising ad costs and rising competition doesn’t make it possible.

This could mean the Death of the Lifestyle Business for many.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way for those who are willing to embrace change.

See, things aren’t harder now, they’re just different now, ok?

These days, it’s not about taking a $1 ad and turning it into $10. (low profit margins)

It’s about taking $250 of ad spend and turning that into $1,000. (large profit margins)

To me?

Those numbers are much better?

And you can still start with a small $5 to $10 per day ad budget, and scale from your first few large commissions that can be rolling in.

You open to that?

While others are sinking to these new changes, a few savvy souls are riding these new waves of opportunity…

No reason to fight these waves when we can ride and profit with them for the next few years?

===> YES! I’m open to riding the waves of change, joining the NR, and earning my first $1,000 commission, ASAP…



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